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Officine rolex submariner replica presented an exact replica of the instrument Galileo designed in the 17th Century. The Pendulum Clock (PAM 505) is an exceptional timepiece that features a regulating and free escapement. These two elements were essential in the discovery of the Pendulum Clock. They reduced errors in accuracy from several minutes to a few seconds. His pendulum clock was built by the great scientist to show the law of isochronism, small oscillations of a pendulum. This masterpiece has been reborn by the exclusive edition of 30 pieces created by the famous Italian watchmaker.

Galileo's escape wheel, which he designed in 1641, was the first to allow free escape. The genius scientist was unable to complete his project. His son Vincenzo, who was a friend and biographer of Galileo, continued to work on the pendulum after his death. Unfortunately, he passed away before it was completed. Vincenzo Viviani, a friend and biographer to Galileo, took the model to Leopoldo, de' Medici in 1659 and brought it with a drawing to the Florentine prince. The machine was lost over the years and all that was left of it were drawings from the Galileo project.Rolex Replica Watches These show the exact structure as well as the principle of operation.

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rolex submariner replica's novelty is inspired by the clock that Eustachio Porcellotti, a Florentine watchmaker, built in 1887 using an original drawing. The Museo Galileo in Florence currently displays the pendulum. rolex submariner replica Pendulum Clock replaces the original. It measures 35.6 cm in height and 18.5cm wide. The depth is 11.1 cm. The frame is composed of two main plates made in brass and nickel-palladium. This contrasts with Porcellotti's iron model. Crosspieces at both the top and bottom hold the plates in place. The upper crosspiece holds the escapement and suspension. The lower crosspiece links the lower plates.

This masterpiece features a regulating pendulum and an escapement. It consists of a escape wheel with 12 pins on its side, 12 teeth around its perimeter, and three levers.Best Replica Watches It is completely independent of any contact with the wheel, which is why it is called a "free escapement".

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The 1887 model's gray dial has Roman numerals and black lacquered hands. The bezel is gold-plated and matches the wheels' color with its hand-finished teeth. It also has a spring barrel and other details. You can turn the square winding arbor using a key to change the clock. It provides approximately eight days of power reserve when fully wound.

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