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Ted Tjaden


In addition to being a Canadian lawyer and law librarian, I am also an amateur ragtime piano player and enthusiast. I created this site between February and June 2006, with a launch date of June 9, 2006. My goal in creating this site is to provide easy online access to ragtime sheet music in the public domain along with various essays setting out some of my preliminary research on ragtime.

Photo of the author at the
                                    piano as a youngster

Left: The author as a youngster at the piano, with his two dorky sisters.


The author in his banjo-playing
                                  days, circa mid 1980's

Left: The author in his banjo-playing days, circa mid 1980's.


I hope to regularly add new material to the site. When I do, I will update the "What's New" page whenever I add links to more sheet music, publish new essays, or otherwise make substantial changes to the text of any page.

Questions or comments about this site can be emailed to me at "owner" then "at" "ragtimepiano.ca".

Copyright/Take Down Provisions: I have tried my best to comply with Canadian copyright law and fair dealing provisions and to provide links to  sheet music only where the music is in the public domain. If any owner of copyrighted material has concerns that I have infringed copyright in their material, please email me at at "owner" then "at" "ragtimepiano.ca" and I would be pleased to address your concerns and immediately remove any material that may have unintentionally infringed copyright.

I make no claims to copyright or contractual control over sheet music or other content in the public domain on this website. As far as I am concerned, materials in the public domain on this site may be downloaded, copied, printed or used in any manner without restriction (although attributions would be nice).




Creative Commons License  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

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