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Additional Research Topics

by Ted Tjaden

Set out below in no particular order is a list of additional research that I would like to complete, time permitting.

1)  Axel Christensen: The Czar of Ragtime and His Ragtime Review:

  • Locate hard copies of the Ragtime Review, scan them, and replace the copies on my site here (which were digitized from microfiche).

2)  Cakewalks in the Ragtime Era:

3)  Food and Ragtime:

4)  Joseph Lamb — The Humble Ragtime "Sensation":

  • Visit the archives at Kitchener / Waterloo, Ontario (formerly Berlin, Ontario) and at St Jeromes University to check for archival material on Joseph Lamb (who was at that time known as Josef Lamb)
  • Visit the City of Toronto archives to research Harry H Sparks

5)  "On the Pike" with the Rags of James Scott:

  • Locate and buy a personal copy of Scott DeVeaux & William Kenney, eds, The Music of James Scott (Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1992).

6)  The Rags of Charles L Johnson:

7)  The Rags of George Linus Cobb:

  • Locate and scan any of the few remaining public domain compositions by Cobb that I have yet been unable to source.

8)  Ragtime at the Zoo: Animal Rags:

9)  Ragtime in Québec:

  • Review the digitized copies of Le Passe Temps more closely to find additional ragtime era compositions from Quebec.

10)  Ragtime Music in Canada:

11)  Ragtime Waltzes:

12)  Women Composers of Ragtime:

  • Conduct more research on some of the leading female composers of ragtime, including finding and scanning more of their rare or hard-to-find compositions.

13)  Ernesto Nazareth and Brazilian piano tango music:



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