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Additional Research Topics

by Ted Tjaden

Set out below is a list of additional research that I would like to complete, time permitting.

1)  Axel Christensen: The Czar of Ragtime and His Ragtime Review:

  • Locate hard copies of the Ragtime Review, scan them, and replace the copies on my site here (which were digitized from microfiche).

2)  Cakewalks in the Ragtime Era:

3) The Interplay Between Classical Music, Ragtime and Jazz:

  • This essay mentions that it is a work in progress so I would hope to continue to expand content and go into more depth on some of the classical music composers.

4) Female Composers of Ragtime:

  • Conduct more research on some of the leading female composers of ragtime, including finding and scanning more of their rare or hard-to-find compositions.

5)  Food and Ragtime:

6)  Joseph Lamb: The Humble Ragtime "Sensation":

  • Visit the archives at Kitchener / Waterloo, Ontario (formerly Berlin, Ontario) and at St Jeromes University to check for archival material on Joseph Lamb (who was at that time known as Josef Lamb)
  • Visit the City of Toronto archives to research Harry H Sparks

7)  "On the Pike" with the Rags of James Scott:

  • Locate and buy a personal copy of Scott DeVeaux & William Kenney, eds, The Music of James Scott (Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1992).

8)  The Rags of Charles L Johnson:

9)  The Rags of George Linus Cobb:

  • Locate and scan any of the few remaining public domain compositions by Cobb that I have yet been unable to source.

10)  Ragtime at the Zoo: Animal Rags:

11)  Ragtime Music in Canada:

12)  Ragtime Music in Québec:

  • Review the digitized copies of Le Passe Temps more closely to find additional ragtime era compositions from Quebec.

13)  Ragtime Waltzes:

14) Rare rags:

  • Many of the rare rags listed on this page are from my own collection. I will continue to add hard-to-find source ragtime sheet music to this page, including those from online sources that are otherwise hard to find using normal search techniques.

15) Scott Joplin – The King of Ragtime Composers:

  • I will periodically monitor the literature for any new developments regarding Scott Joplin, although there is not necessarily not a lot of new research on Joplin, with the second edition of Berlin's book being the most recent, authoritative resource on Scott Joplin – see Edward Berlin, King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and His Era, 2nd ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016) [book details from publisher's website].

New areas of research:

  • Ernesto Nazareth and Brazilian piano tango music: I hope to write a new essay on Ernesto Nazareth and Brazilian piano tango music, including providing links to the various free sources of his sheet music, including at Ernesto Nazareth.com and Ernesto Nazareth 150 anos.
  • Novelty piano songs: I hope to write a new essay on novelty piano songs, including those composed by Zez Confrey, Charley Straight, Roy Bargy, Pauline Alpert, Rube Bloom, Max Kortlander, and Billy Mayerl.



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